Long nails colour design for ladies

Keeping long nails and designing it,  is a desire for every lady .every lady would like to keep a long nails becauselong nails brings more beauty to their finger, so being a lady its really looks beautiful when their nails are designed with different good looking colours.

Most of the lady are always thinking how to decorate their long nails more beautifully way

here in this article we are going some of the colour design for long nails.

Blue long nails design.

You can make your long nails looks more beautiful by decorating with blue colours on it.Nails polish , blue colours looks quite cute in the long nails; blue colours usually match with your formal dresses. blue colours has different looks within it .like light blue, deep blue, and even some more but every blue looks pretty great in your long nails .

You can also use different blue colours to design your long nails of different finger.

Silver and black designed for long nails

This two colour has a classical colour combination among them. As well as squared shaped long nails also has a great combination among this two colours. combination of this two colours  will really match with your long nails when you are on park for a casual walk, or when having classy business dinner, as well as when you are enjoying a hot night club.

Different lovely designed can be made from these two colours on your long nails.  Altogether combination of this two will really looks beautiful on your long nails.

Red colour designed for long nail

red colour specially looks beautiful with your long nails when you are in a occasion like marriage party, for personal special date, and on a special day like rose day and valentine day. this colour also match with your sari and also with your formal dresses.

Designing with red colours in your long nails would really attract other on the special occasion mention above.

Green colour designed for long nails

Green colours arecutecolours which will really match with your long nails. Especially when you are dressed up with western dresses you would really looks cute having a green designed with your long nails. Green designed for long nails has different colours within it you can use any of the colours you like from it in designing your long nails.

here are some of the long nails design for ladies which they can used for designing their long nails and I believe that some of these colours designed for  long nails will really attract your long nails in more beautifully way.

So start using these beautiful colours to design your long nails.As you can designed in many good looking styles to your long nails.