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The Place Beyond the Pines
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Release : 19 April 2013

A motorcycle stunt rider turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover and their newborn child

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Role : Kay M
Release : 4 July 2012

From dawn to dusk, a few hours in the shadowy life of Monsieur Oscar

Girl in Progress
Role : Grace
Release : 11 May 2012

As single mom Grace  finding inspiration in the coming-of-age stories



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Ryan Gosling Is ‘Madly in Love’ with His daughter

PEOPLE magazine reportedly that Ryan Gosling Is ‘Madly in Love’ with His new born baby girl with Eva Mendes

“Ryan is madly in love with the baby,” a source tells PEOPLE

“Ryan’s mom and Eva’s mom have both been helping,” the source says. “They have both been great. The grandmothers are both very excited and both very hands-on – as much as they can be.”

Mendes is “absolutely in heaven being a mom. She’s never been happier,” a source told PEOPLE after the birth. “She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created. It’s a really special time for them.”

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling welcome their baby girl!

E! online report that the Couple Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling Were ‘in Tears’ When They Met Their Baby Girl

Eva Mendes reportedly just gave birth to her first child to Ryan Gosling on Friday in Los Angeles, (September 12) Throughout her pregnancy, Mendes kept a minimal profile, stepping out from the spotlight and sporting layered clothing to cover her bump.

a source tells E! News that “Eva is so happy she’s a mom, their baby girl is perfect!”

“They are at home now with the baby and Eva is feeling great she says. She’s so good with kids and has been wanting this a really long time,”

“When she found out she was having a girl, she was freaking out. She kind of wanted a girl deep down, but of course just wants a happy and healthy baby! Ryan is saying he is going to be overpowered with girls in the house and is gonna have to be extra manly around the house!”

Mendes continues to tell family and friends “how in love she is” with her darling daughter. “Everyone is saying the baby looks like Eva and has her features,” the source said of the wee one, who we can only presume is one gorgeous little girl.

“It was very emotional for Eva and Ryan,” the insider said of their daughter’s birth. “They were both in tears when they saw their daughter for the first time!”

“All her friends love Ryan and Eva together,” the source dished of the twosome. “He tells her how sexy and perfect she is all the time…he really is like Noah in The Notebook! It’s kind of an inside joke, but he’s really romantic. They are both so happy and in love. They wanted to start a family for a while now.”

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling are in ‘relationship counseling’ prior to the birth

Couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are off the media flash, but Star magazine report that the relationship between them are for stay for baby?

Their baby is reportedly set to arrive in October and Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are making sure their relationship is in tip-top shape before the birth. The couple has been quietly seeing a relationship counselor to work out their issues.

“The idea of being parents both excites and terrifies them,” admits a close source. “Neither of them feels ready, and they want to make sure they can handle it once the baby arrives.”

Another hot topic they are trying to tackle: whether or not to tie the knot, which is something Ryan is eager to do.

“It has never been a priority for Eva… but she also wants them to be a family. They’re learning how to handle their differences.”

Eva Mendes ‘ sure save have a Baby Boy “

Cover Media report that the actress almost completely sure she pregnant with a baby boy. sources have reportedly stated that the two already check sex of their baby and they come with a plethora of names their child.

That name is ‘Thomas’ that they’re picked. and According to OK! Magazine, an insider expressed that she almost certain that she’s holding a boy.

“Her bump sticks out more in the front than sideways and she thinks that means she’s carrying a boy,”

“She’s been ready for motherhood for a while now,” an insider explained, “and to be sharing this experience with Ryan is a dream come true for her!”

Ryan Gosling cooks for pregnant Eva Mendes

Father-to-be Ryan Gosling seem taking care of his pregnant wife, Eva Mendes as media said he running errands and also cooking her favorite meals for Eva Mendes

Us Weekly claimed the source said

“Ryan goes out and gets the groceries. [Eva's] been wanting pasta, and he’s cooking her meals. Ryan has already stepped into the role of caring father-to-be.”

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s baby is a long time coming

Eva Mendes who pregnant with Ryan’s baby reported has set to give birth for their first child in October, and she was chose to start a family with the heartthrob because she knew how much Gosling wanted to experience fatherhood

An insider revealed: “[She] just hasn’t ever wanted anyone beyond her close friends and family knowing more than they had to. And Ryan is certainly private and always has been.”

“Ryan has been taking care of her, picking up food and running errands. He has been very supportive about keeping things a secret.”

Eva Mendes pregnant! Elle DeGeneres confirmed

After PEOPLE quote the source say that Eva Mendes is 7th months pregnant with Ryan Gosling, Elle DeGeneres tweeted about this, too!

As Eva seen no publish in months, OK! Magazine also reported

“Ryan grew up without a dad, so he always said when he had kids, he’d be there no matter what. This is it for him. While Ryan is fully committed to the relationship, he doesn’t share his girlfriend’s desire to settle down and get married. Ryan doesn’t think they need to marry just because they are having a baby but Eva believes it’s important to have their lives fully intertwined.’